ABC, or Advanced Binary Currency, is an up-and-coming quantum-resistant cryptocurrency that utilizes post-quantum technology to ensure protected transactions for years to come. With the age of quantum computers quickly approaching, having a cryptocurrency that is long-term secure is essential. 

At ABC-Xchange, our mission is to create a safe and convenient way to buy and sell ABC coins for Bitcoin with no complications and low transaction fees.

We guarantee to match buyers and sellers within 12 hours. If we are unable to fulfill orders at that time, a notification will be sent out explaining the situation.

We also make sure that no coins leave your wallet until a buyer/seller has been confirmed. If that buyer/seller decides for any reason to back out of the transaction, your coins will be returned to you at no cost.

Thank you for using ABC-Xchange. If you have any questions, we can be reached by email at abc-xchange.main@gmail.com. Our phone number is +1 (513) 900-2048, and you can communicate with us there via text or phone call.